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About the Author
Joanna began her career in real estate in Rochester, New York where she bought and rehabbed homes during the 1980s. This gave her an appreciation of what buyers wanted in a home and how to market a home. Her passion for architecture and improving houses led her to the appraisal profession where she studied under John Stanwix, SRA.

In 1988 Joanna moved to Peoria, Arizona, where she started Conde Appraisal Associates in Sun City. Her fascination with what makes one property more valuable than another was not only instrumental in building her appraisal business and marketing her own properties, but led to long term relationships with real estate agents and others who provide insight into what buyers want and what affects value.

Joanna is also a REALTOR(R). She has earned the GRI and SRES designations. She is constantly showing houses to Buyers who make it clear what they like and what they don't. She works with Sellers to prepare their homes for top dollars.

Joanna is a graduate of Ithaca College and took graduate classes in English at the University of Rochester. Before moving to Arizona, she worked at the Kessler Group, Inc. in Rochester, New York, which was a multi-unit Burger King Franchise where she was the director of marketing and was involved in site selections for new restaurants.

As an AQB Certified USPAP instructor, Joanna teaches courses on appraisal standards, ethics and methodology to appraisers. She provides consulting services to real estate agents, home owners and trust officers on how to maximize the value of an existing property for resale. Her experience in two very different environments, upstate New York and the greater Phoenix area, gives her a wide perspective in valuing real estate.

Joanna has experience in multi-million dollar homes and homes at the bottom of the market, in new homes, older homes, historic homes, custom homes and tract homes. She has learned that there are basics that apply to every home in every price range that will maximize the value of what is already there, and there are mistakes people make that turn buyers off and that lower value, but which are easily and often cheaply corrected.

Joanna is involved the appraisal profession as president of the Arizona Association of Real Estate Appraisers.

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Joanna has over 30 years of experience evaluating homes as a certified residential real estate appraiser.

Joanna has appraised thousands of houses and she knows what adds value in the eyes of the typical buyer, the appraiser and the lender.

To order a book, call 623-933-0797 or text 602-908-5889.